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Donating sacks of rice to orphans in Thailand

In our travels to Thailand we saw the poor state of the people often, and despite the fact that the country is relatively rich compared to surrounding countries in the region, the social differences are ubiquitous and clearly visible – provided you don’t look away.From one begging cripple on the sidewalk near a shopping mall to barely clothed kids in the side street playing football, it’s obvious that countless families have to fight for their lives every day, and the irony is, right next to them are magnificent hotels and malls where we can go for a vacation if we choose.

The cases get critical when you leave the bustling and glittering cities into the countryside, there you will meet them, the orphans who are at the bottom of the scale – persons with no parents, no sponsors and no hope. The lucky ones amongst them gets picked up by someone and taken to an orphanage, and much unlike most tier 1 countries, these orphanages are sponsored exclusively by private donations. For this reason, it has become a habit for us, a habit we have practiced for a few years now, to support various aid projects or people directly in our trips with donations. The problem most relief organizations face in one hand, is that not all the money gotten is spent on the intended beneficiaries, as a part of it would go for administrative costs. On the other hand, these organizations can’t ultimate ensure that the resources are spent exhaustively on only those who need them. We do not like those situations and as such, we always seek out the “ideal” type of donation.

Thankfully, we have found the ideal type of donation through a friend, a philanthropist by the name Volker Capito. We’ve been friends with Volker Capito for over 25 years, as time went on, our relationship had lots of common interests and despite the fact that we couldn’t meet in person for a long time, we kept in touch.

By chance, luck or fate, we have now found them in the person of Volker Capito. but as life goes by there was always something in between, so we could not meet in person for a long time. During our almost daily reunion on these holidays in Bangkok, he casually told us about his own private aid project, which for many years has been encouraging orphans assisted by monks in their Wat Sakaew temple in Angthong, his projects has helped them to live more comfortably there.

Volker Capito takes care of the food and other supplies personally, he negotiates with the dealers, organizes the transport and accompanies them to the temple and even monitors the storage and distribution of the food. He does all of this without spending anything on administrative costs, since he exercises all his free time and even “persuades” the transporters regularly to take over the transport for free.

Why are we sharing all this information? The reason is so far, we have made our donations anonymous, now however, we would like to employ the popular principle that talks about doing good and spreading the word in order to perhaps inspire other people to give to their cause.  We have therefore decided to support the “Iceman Charity” in addition to our private commitment on a regular basis from Popppy.

We thank you for your interest and your support.

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