Have you had a snack today?

Fresh Popcorn 2 Go!


The trendy snack!


Sweet or salty!


Vegan & low in calories!


Tasty & fat-free!



It is not just tasty, but healthy also!

Popppy’s patented corn is 100% GMO-free and has the flavor in the grain. Do you like it sweet or you prefer it salty? Whichever your choice is, every portion of the Popppy popcorn machine is fresh and completely fat-free. This makes Popppy Popcorn very low in calories, tasty and healthy. Give yourself the treat!


The Unique Popppy Corn


Fresh, Hot, Delicious

Get rid of all guilts when you want to snack! Treat yourself to a delicious portion of popppy popcorn even after exercise! It is fat-free, low in calories and totally delicious on top of that.

Joe Vinson of the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania studied popcorn and came to the conclusion that the low calorie snack, with its natural density of fiber, minerals, antioxidants (polyphenols) and phytochemicals, makes some fitness drinks look pale.

In particular, the proportion of polyphenols (antioxidants that neutralize the cell-damaging free radicals as radical scavengers) is enormous. In one serving of popcorn you can put twice as many of these antioxidants as in a serving of fruit. As a nice side effect, the stomach feels satisfactorily filled, but not overcrowded. It is so easily digestible that you can have a lot without feeling lazy or full as most others would.

There’s the delicious scent about it, the crunchy sounds, the fluffy soft-core and then the crispy shell – all these makes the popppy popcorn an irresistible delight to be had and enjoyed. With a grip on the bag and with mouths ready to be satisfied, you will feel the generous dishing of premium satisfaction from this snack; it’s a great partner for movie nights as you share the precious moment with family and friends.

No worries, there’s always enough Popppy popcorn for your movie marathon! All readily available for your fun time!



The taste is already on the corn


The trendy snack!


Sweet or salty!


Vegan & low in calories!


Tasty & fat-free!


Popcorn – is a healthy snack that kids love, but kids do not only love popcorn, there’s also chocolate, fries, chips or candies, fats and carbohydrates all of which pose more health dangers to your kids. You must know that the Popppy popcorn does not just serve popcorn, but it also delivers a wonder and magic that will thrill kids and even some adults! It’s transparent design makes each procedure visible from the moment the ingredients are mixed, to when they are popped and sent down to the collection bag. These steps will definitely heighten your hunger and desire for more!


This is POPPPY popcorn


Every 90 seconds ..

Fresh popcorn to go










Taste is delicious and nutritious

Popcorn – the healthy snack for the young and old










Fresh. Hot. Delicious.

Each serving comes freshly prepared from the machine.










The unique taste

Our patented corn has the full flavor, sweet or salty, already in the grain.